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Staff Profile: Dr Noni Marceau – Veterinarian

1) What part of being a vet do you enjoy the most?

So many parts! It’s hard to pick one thing (cute puppy and kitten cuddles, seeing ‘older fury friends’ that I have gotten to know so well over the years, chatting with our amazing clients, working alongside the most wonderful team of talented, dedicated, fun and caring individuals who all make Turramurra Vet Hospital great) but more than anything it’s seeing everyday in every consultation the important position that a family pet takes in a household, and being in the special position to be able to provide care and relief to those pets so that they can live their best quality life.


2) When did you first know you wanted to work with animals and become a vet?

I was 4 years old when I made that decision. I’ve always been drawn to animals, feeling so deeply about their welfare and wishing them no harm. This in part culminated in my decision early in my teens to transition to a vegetarian diet which continues to this day, but also the wish to study veterinary science to be able to care for those animals in need. There was never going to be another career choice for me – this was it!

My first experience of the special bond that comes with pet ownership was when my brother and I (aged 2) got to choose a tiny grey kitten to join our household. Later named ‘Puddy Hero Marceau’, Puddy became an integral family member and was my sidekick right through my childhood until the time that I headed off to university. I could not have imagined an upbringing without him in it.


3) How has your approach to treating pets changed since obtaining your Certificate in AVP (SAM)?

This is the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) UK qualification. I started this Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) while living in the UK, and finally completed it in 2020.

This qualification has brought me clarity and focus to my small animal medicine. The fundamental knowledge, researching skills and problem based, logical clinical problem solving has meant my investigative approach has become more directed and thought-out, ensuring a systematic, thorough approach. Interestingly, the emphasis on professional and clinical skills and the development of these through achieving this qualification, has led me to focus on providing clearer and simplified communication and explanations to clients.


4) What’s your favourite part of coming to work each day?

The Turramurra Veterinary Hospital is a pretty special place to work. I am grateful to be a part of it. I am happy each day to greet and be greeted by our wonderful team, who are all here genuinely working with our patients’ welfare at heart. We have fun, we work hard, we set the standards high and are always there to support each other, our precious patients and their owners through the exciting times, the difficult times and even the sad times. The work ethic of this team of individuals oozes true dedication, and the fantastic skills they bring and share helps us all continue to grow in our chosen careers.

Ooh, and who can go past the enthusiastic tail wags of our furry visitors and the numerous opportunities to have catty cuddles or puppy pats? That’s pretty awesome too.



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