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Pet Export Services

Turramurra Vet can ease the stress of moving overseas with your family pet. With three specially trained veterinarians we can assist with the vet work associated with bringing a pet into an overseas country. Plan early.

Special Training

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture Biosecurity vets (Australian Quarantine / AQIS) control the import and export of animals in Australia. Our vets have specific pet export training and are experienced in animal export and can perform the necessary vaccinations, tests, certifications and paperwork required to export your pet and ensure an orderly return to Australia. At Turramurra Vet Hospital, Dr James Thompson, Dr Pip Wines and Dr Angus Donald have the relevant Department of Agriculture recognised training and can assist with the pet export process.

Pet Export

Pet Export Process

1. Start Planning Early

Early planning is essential. Each country has its own set of laws for bringing a pet into their country. Some country’s requirements are complex and it may take months rather than weeks to complete all necessary work.

2. Choose your Pet Transport Company

Your pet transport company will provide you with all import requirements of the country you will be moving to, and how to obtain an import permit. If you haven’t chosen a pet transport company yet, Turramurra Vet does not endorse any particular company, but some options are:

In almost all cases the pet transport company facilitates Australian “Notice of Intention to Export” certification and obtains an Import Permit and health requirements from the destination country. It is the exporter’s responsibility to check with the relevant government authority of the importing country and provide the veterinarian with the importing country requirements before commencing pre-export preparation. If you choose not to engage a pet transport company, you run the risk of a delayed or failed export and increased veterinary certification costs. Take care, as this is a complex process. Further information is available from the Australian Department of Agriculture MICOR website, which sets out the known importing country requirements that Australian exporters must comply with to export live animals.

3. Pre-export Examination, Review of Regular Vaccination, Worm and Heartworm Control, Tests and Planning

Performed at Turramurra Vet Hospital

To plan a successful export, we firstly need to assess that your pet is in good general health. A complete physical examination will always be performed, and ideally a screening blood test to evaluate the internal organs. Prior to the appointment for the initial export assessment we require the following at least 24 hours in advance, via email to

  1. Full owner name, address, email address and contact phone numbers – complete the Turramurra Vet New Client form from our website, scan and email
  2. Pet microchip number(s)
  3. Destination country
  4. Proposed date of travel
  5. Complete patient veterinary history including most recent vaccinations with vaccination batch numbers and expiry dates.
  6. The pet transport company that will be providing transport and contact details.

In almost all cases the pet transport company facilitates Australian Government “Notice of Intention to Export” certification and obtains an Import Permit and health requirements from the government of the destination country. Choice of pet export company is also required 24 hours prior to the consultation including a contact person. We do not endorse any particular pet transport company but Step 2 above includes some suggestions. There is a non-refundable $149 per pet deposit on export appointments, payable in advance over the phone, without which an appointment cannot be made. This covers the full cost of the first consultation and examination (excluding any vaccinations, tests and certification that may be required). We have had to implement this due to significant loss of vet time spent preparing complex export plans and certification for appointments which are then cancelled.

4. Export Certification and Rabies Vaccination (when required)

Performed at Turramurra Vet Hospital

It is important that your pet is in satisfactory health to travel internationally, so a complete physical examination is required. Standard vaccinations and heartworm prevention must be up to date. Rabies vaccination is a requirement for entry to many countries including the USA, even from rabies free countries such as Australia. Export to New Zealand requires a specially trained vet to administer anti-parasitic products and test for Babesia and Heartworm. Only vets with specific pet export training such as those at Turramurra Vet Hospital are permitted to complete export certification and administer rabies vaccinations. Please contact Turramurra Vet on 9988-0198 for an appointment well in advance if rabies vaccination is required, particularly if multiple animals are being exported. This is to ensure we have adequate supplies of rabies vaccination (which we keep in limited stock).

5. Rabies Testing (if required)

Undertaken at Turramurra Vet Hospital (with testing performed at an external export-accredited laboratory)

Some countries require a blood test after rabies vaccinations to confirm that immunity has been achieved.

Whilst this may vary from country to country, the rabies protection validity test is generally carried out on a sample collected by an authorised veterinarian at least 30 days after the date of vaccination and not less than three months before the date of movement. The test must be performed by an export accredited laboratory.

6. Final Government Vet Health Check

The final health check by an Australian Government quarantine vet must take place close to your flight time where they issue a Health Certificate and Export Permit. While the time varies from country to country, it can be as small as 48 hours before you fly. The Sydney address of the Australian Government vet quarantine service (Federal Department of Agriculture) is Building 2, Level 7, 185 O’Riordan Street, Mascot, NSW 2018 (map). Pet owners must submit a Notice of Intention 10 working days prior to departure. More details can be found on the Australian Government Agriculture website. Note that as the Australian Government vet service is only open weekdays, never book a Sunday or Monday morning flight, as if your flight is delayed, your pet’s final health check may be more than 48 hours ago, and thus invalid, and the export process will fail. Check departure times of flights from Sydney Airport here.

7. Travel

Bon Voyage!

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