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We’re sure your family will be thrilled with your new kitten – they are an absolute bundle of fun. To keep your kitten safe and protected from illness, Turramurra Vet recommends your new kitten has a complete health check from one of our experienced vets as soon as possible after you pick them up. There is a lot to remember; thankfully our kitten pack, available free with your first consultation, contains all the information you need. Vaccination will help protect your new friend from feline infectious diseases, such as cat flu, and should be done at 6-8, 12 and 16 weeks. If your cat will be outdoors then Turramurra Vet also recommends vaccination against feline leukemia virus, which is spread through cat fights. You also have the option of vaccination against feline immunodeficiency virus (which is of low prevalence on the North Shore). We will discuss the best intestinal worming control program for your cat at their first consultation.

The Ku Ring Gai region is home to the deadly Australian paralysis tick, particularly areas near parks or bushland. The bite of the paralysis tick contains a potent nerve toxin, similar to snake bite. A single tick bite can kill a cat within hours if untreated. We strongly advise year round use of Frontline spray applied every 3 weeks to all outdoor cats for tick control. More information on tick paralysis prevention. Even outdoor cats should be kept indoors at night – both to protect wildlife and the cats themselves from cat fights and car injuries – both of which are far more common at night.

We recommend Royal Canin kitten food, which is a quality, balanced diet that will help your kitten grow into a strong, healthy member of your family. Turramurra Vet is family owned, so rest assured our advice to you is exactly what we use for our own family cats.

Finally, if you are planning to travel, or have a weekend away, Turramurra Vet offer luxury cat boarding, so both you and your cat have an enjoyable break.

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