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Make timely and accurate diagnoses of illness

Pathology (Blood Tests)

It is a worrying time when your family pet is ill, and no-one wants to wait days for test results. You will be reassured that Turramurra Vet Hospital has complete pathology lab testing equipment on the premises that allow near instantaneous test results for hematology (blood screens including red cell count for anemia, white cell and platelet counts) and biochemistry (organ testing). Occasionally some external laboratory tests are required, or the opinion of specialist veterinary pathologists. We are always able to get as rapid results as possible from these reputable colleagues who are at laboratories we have worked with for over 10 years. In emergencies, Turramurra Vet will even take special samples direct to the laboratory for rapid processing.

Biochemistry tests screen organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas and others for early or underlying disease which may not be evident on even the most thorough physical examination. Early detection of a problem can allow early treatment or safer anaesthesia. Our on-site pathology equipment allow pre-anaesthetic blood tests to be performed on the morning of surgery.

Note that Animal export tests to ensure freedom from disease are only conducted at special accredited laboratories. These tests may take some time, so always plan well ahead for international travel with pets. Get more information on pet export here.

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