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Itchy skin and fleas make pets miserable but thankfully we now have a range of safe flea control products for your pets. All family pets should be treated to control fleas, even if they are not the itchy pet. Every family and pet is different and what works in some situations won’t work in others. In some cases itchy skin may not be due to fleas at all – the cause may be plant or other allergies, mites or skin disease. In may take a veterinary consultation to get to the bottom of the problem. This can hasten your pets recovery from painful skin conditions, and actually save you the expense of using inappropriate treatments.

The visible adult fleas are only “the tip of the iceberg”.

Dr James Thompson

Turramurra Vet Hospital

Flea control is complex because the adult fleas seen on pets are only “the tip of the iceberg.” The majority of the flea population (95%) consists of thousands of eggs and larvae where your pet lives (bedding, carpets, and yard). Controlling adult fleas may still leave large numbers of viable eggs and larvae untouched. These hatch and develop into adults, causing re-infestation. Eggs may take up to three months to hatch – control of adults on all pets will be needed for at least three months until the flea population declines. Our advice on the exact product that is best for you will help resolve the problem as fast as possible.

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