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Training your puppy is key

Puppy School

Our Puppy School

Has your puppy got you chasing your tail?

Do you want a well-behaved pooch?  One who toilets outdoors, only chews their toys and leaves forbidden food and human possessions alone?

Do you want a sociable doggy pal who can be taken anywhere without a worry?  To cafes, to the vet, to the groomer, to the dog park and to friends’ houses?

Do you want a calm canine who sits to greet people, walks nicely down the street and goes to a spot in the home to entertain themselves?


Yes, yes, yes and yes!




Then read further for more information on our range of puppy services.

All our puppy services are conducted by Katie Bedrossian our in-house qualified and experienced Canine Behaviour Consultant and Puppy Class Instructor. Read more about Katie’s credentials below.



Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Preschool (8 – 16 weeks age)

Your puppy should be one of the best parts of your life.  However, that is easy to forget if your puppy is peeing on your carpet, using their sharp teeth on your skin, and chewing your furniture.

We understand and we can help!

Turramurra Veterinary Hospital’s puppy preschool is strongly recommended for all puppies less than 16 weeks (at the start of the course).

Did you know that puppies need positive, regular, and gradual exposure to multiple things in the world prior to 16 weeks (and ideally before 12 weeks) to be a sociable and relaxed dog?

Our puppy classes follow the most up to date positive reinforcement training methods alongside current health recommendations to ensure that your puppy has safe and positive social experiences so that you get the best results for you and your puppy!

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K9 Kindy (16 weeks – 18 months age)

Have you missed training prior to 16 weeks? Are you looking to continue training and socialisation?

K9 Kindy is an ideal progression from puppy pre-school but is also a great beginner’s course for those dogs (or owners) new to training.

Your dog should be one of the best parts of your life.  However, that is easy to forget if your dog is pulling you down the street, jumping on your guests and ignoring your calls to come back.

We understand and we can help!

We use only the most up to date positive reinforcement training methods aimed at getting the best results for you and your dog!

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Puppy Behaviour Starter Consult (after 1st consultation)

This is a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Katie offered once for all new puppy owners to discuss a behaviour, training or socialisation challenge you are having with your puppy (up to 6 months of age).

Puppy Behaviour Consult (any age)

This consultation is designed for discussing behaviour, training and socialisation challenges in greater detail over a 30 minute in-person consultation. A written training plan is included.  Usually one basic behaviour, training or socialisation challenge is discussed.  More complex challenges are likely to require more time and a Behaviour Consult Package (1 x 1 hour initial consult and 2 x 30 minute follow ups) is more appropriate.

Our Trainer’s Qualifications

Katie Bedrossian - Pet Behaviour Consultant

Katie Bedrossian – Pet Behaviour Consultant

​Katie has 20 years experience in positive reinforcement dog training and behaviour management (including 15 years running puppy pre-schools, 6 of those on site at Turramurra Vet Hospital).  Katie’s experience has included fostering 10 dogs for Monika’s Doggie Rescue, raising a puppy for Guide Dogs NSW, volunteering for Hornsby Dog Training Club and continuing training with her 3 dogs over that time (2 current).  Katie has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) since 2005 (along with attending the annual conferences).

Katie’s qualifications are:

  • Diploma in Advanced Canine Psychology.
  • Fear Free Veterinary Professional (meaning that all veterinary handling behaviour recommendations are geared towards positive, fear free cooperative care).
  • Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Katie continues to update her knowledge and experience to ensure all behaviour and training recommendations are up to date.  This includes completing short courses such as the Karen Pryor Academy courses in Better Veterinary Visits and the Puppy Start Right Puppy Pre-School Instructors Course.  Katie is currently studying a Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training through the Delta Society.

She comes highly recommended by all our vets and is very well-respected within the profession.


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