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For puppies from 4 to 11 months age

Canine Kindergarten

Dog obedience and appropriate training is essential for a happy relationship between the pet and the owner.

Appropriate puppy school training is a key element to ensuring your puppy is taught the correct way and will mature into a well-behaved dog. It is based on motivation and consistency.

An ideal course for a slightly older puppy (a dog between 4 and 11 months at the start of the course) is Turramurra Vet’s Canine Kindergarten as detailed below.

Whilst not required, it is recommended that your puppy has completed Puppy Preschool previously.


Puppy’s Age

Puppies should be between 4 and 11 months at the start of the course.



Saturdays 12:30pm and 1:45pm


What you Receive

  1. 4 x 1 hour group classes
  2. 1 x 30 minute private consultation (for puppies new to Turramurra Vet classes, this must be conducted before attendance to 1st group class. For all others, it can be conducted any time between booking and last group class).
  3. Includes juvenile training manual (written by the trainer and regularly updated), weekly summary sheets and a silent opening treat pouch (unless have one from TVH puppy classes).


The Classes

Each class focuses on reinforcing puppies for offering appropriate behaviour throughout class such as sit, down, calm, on mat, quiet instead of barking and all 4 paws on floor instead of jumping.



To book, please use our Contact Form (select reason of Puppy School) or ring us on (02) 9988-0198.

Behavioural Problems

Canine Kindergarten Course Content

The Calm Home

  • Jumping Up on household members/visitors to the home and furniture. Automatic stand or sit for greeting. Teaching that exciting movements/activities are a cue for stand/sit and settle.
  • Automatic Mat Targeting (aka ‘Go to your Spot’).
  • Down and settle.
  • Automatic Leave It (frustration/impulse control)-Food/Household Items/Items out on Walks


Out & About

  • Recall games (developing a reliable recall).
  • Managing off-leash play.
  • Loose Leash Walking.
  • Managing dog to dog and dog to people interactions out on walks.


Yeah! Let’s Go to the Vet

  • Nose to Hand Target.
  • Chin Rest.
  • Socialisation to grooming equipment.
  • Continued co-operative vet care, positive associations to vet hospital, positive handling.


Let’s Relax (Preventing Aggression/Stress and Anxiety)

  • Resource Guarding (prevention).
  • Muzzle Socialisation.
  • Managing fears and anxieties during developmental periods.
  • Setting up your dog’s environment to succeed.


Puppy Training

For younger puppies (8 to 16 weeks), we recommend the Puppy Preschool course. It is the perfect prerequisiste for the Canine Kindergarten course.



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