For behavioural and health reasons


What to expect in a Vet Surgical Procedure

It is helpful and important to know what to expect if your pet has to undergo a surgical procedure or anaesthetic. This video helps understand what happens before, during and after a surgical procedure.

You can be assured that Turramurra Veterinary Hospital complies with the absolute highest standards of hospital facilities and patient care. Your pet will be treated gently and with the greatest care and safety. The Turramurra Veterinary Hospital human-standard hospital includes state of the art equipment and surgical practices.


Turramurra Vet Hospital encourages desexing of dogs and cats for behavioural and health reasons, unless specifically wanted for breeding. Desexing operations are performed on weekdays, and require a day in hospital (with no overnight stay). Pain relief medication and intravenous fluids are essential for the comfort and safety of your pet and Turramurra Vet includes this at no extra charge for all desexing operations (amazingly, some practices charge extra for this, regarding it as optional!).

Your pet will be in the best hands, as our experienced vets have performed hundreds of desex operations and surgeries, not just one or two. Our surgical theatres are superior quality, with human grade design, and high efficiency particle arrestors and a positive pressure air conditioning system. This ensures pure filtered air is supplied to the surgical theatre, maximising sterility. Turramurra Vet Hospital is the only Australian Small Animal Vets accredited Hospital of Excellence in northern Sydney and one of only 10 in NSW outside the University of Sydney.

A trained vet nurse assists the surgeon throughout surgery monitoring anaesthesia, oxygenation, blood pressure and recovery of your pet with sophisticated monitoring equipment.

Other than desexing, commonly performed surgeries include cruciate ligament repair, fracture repair, ear surgery, lump removals and cancer excision surgery.

Vet Operation

Other Standard Vet Services

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Preventative Care

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