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News on an emerging disease

Ehrlichia Canis (Ehrlichiosis)

Puppy in a Box Turramurra Vet reassures our clients that whilst Ehrlichiosis, caused by the tick transmitted micro-organism Ehrlichia canis, is extremely serious, at this stage the risk is confined to Australia’s tropical north – though it is an emerging disease and spreading rapidly. It is of particular importance for those owners who are planning a trip around Australia or to the tropical north with their dog. If this applies to you please ask us as your trip approaches for the latest information. In the meantime these documents and links offer useful information.

To assist with your understanding, we have included a variety of documents and links below.

Ehrlichiosis: Update February 2021 (PDF)

Ehrlichiosis- Tick Sickness Animation

Exotic tick-borne disease ehrlichiosis detected in WA’s Kimberley region is a first in Australian dogs (ABC News Article)

Protect your dog from canine ehrlichiosis (ABC News Article)

Canine ehrlichiosis: guidelines for dog owners (Aust. DAFF)

Canine ehrlichiosis: A Guide for Veterinarians (Aust. DAFF)




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