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Cat Boarding

Family owned Turramurra Vet is proud to present your cat’s new home away from home – our brand new luxurious cat boarding facility – the Turramurra Cat Hotel. The sound-proofed room features spacious cat condos for single cats. Double and triple suites (which can only be shared if cats are from the same owner) are also available. These are themed as Safari Adventure, Tahiti Dream, Paris Ritz and Buckingham Palace suites. Your cat can now relax in a stress-free environment while you enjoy your holiday. For details on planning for your cat’s arrival and stay, lots more detail can be found on our Turramurra Cat Hotel planning and boarding information page.

Cat Boarding Suites
Cute Kittens

Turramurra Cat Hotel Features

  • Large split-level condos so your cat can sleep upstairs away from the litter;
  • Music streamed into the hotel room to keep cats relaxed;
  • Veterinary nurse supervision with records kept including body weight, appetite and toileting;
  • Your cat will be fed premium Hill’s pet food while boarding (unless you prefer your regular food which must be supplied);
  • Your cat’s condo will be cleaned twice daily Monday to Saturday and once on Sundays;
  • Cats from the same family can be boarded together in the attractive double and triple suites which are themed and offer individual windows to the neighbourhood gardens;
  • Feliway (a feline-specific relaxation pheromone spray) is applied to each condo prior to a new cat arrival;
  • Lots of cuddles and close personal attention from Turramurra Vet’s cat loving staff.

Turramurra Cat Hotel Boarding Rates

Cosy Cat Condos

These individual cat apartments are architecturally designed in conjunction with cat behaviourists to make your cat’s stay extremely enjoyable, stress-free and comfortable. They all feature multiple sleeping areas with soft fluffy bedding and hidey holes for your cat to be as interactive or as private as possible. All apartments feature unidirectional air flow to keep your cat’s apartment air clean and reduce the chance of your cat being disturbed by the smell of its feline neighbours. Cosy Cat Condos are priced at $35 per night and take a maximum of 1 cat.

Width: 100cm
Depth: 70cm
Height: 90cm (2 tiered platforms)
Compartments: 2

Cat Hotel Cosy Cat Condo

Luxury Double Suites

Our luxury themed suites are premium multi-level suites which provide your cat with extra floor space and height to fulfil their natural ‘exploring’ tendencies. They feature multiple sleeping/resting areas, including a sun-drenched top level, which allows your cat access to a large window overlooking Bannockburn Road. Our double-sized luxury Suites are priced at $45 per night for 1 cat, or $70 per night for 2 cats from the same family. Choose from the Paris Suite, the African Safari Suite or the Hawaiian Suite (these are all suitable for 1 or 2 cats).

Width: 95cm
Depth: 115cm
Height: 215cm (3 tiered platforms)

Cat Hotel Luxury Double Suites

Buckingham Palace Triple Suite

Our largest and most luxurious suite is the Buckingham Palace Suite and provides suitable quarters for our most discerning felines. It has space for 3 cats from the same family if required and has multiple areas for all occupants to lounge comfortably. It features windows on two sides, providing an enticing view over our fish pond and a street view of Bannockburn Road so your cat can keep up to date with the local social scene. The Buckingham Palace Suite is priced at $55 per night for 1 cat, $80 per night for 2 cats, or $100 per night for 3 cats.

Width: 90cm
Depth: 225cm
Height: 215cm (3 tiered platforms)

Cat Hotel Buckingham Palace Triple Suite

Book Into the Turramurra Cat Hotel

There are many advantages in boarding your cat at family owned Turramurra Vet as most vet clinics do not have large enough cages to ensure cats are comfortable during their stay. We are excited to offer cats a beautiful stress-free home to stay in while you’re on holidays. Treat your cat to a new boarding experience at the brand new Turramurra Cat Hotel – we look forward to pampering your cat. Turramurra Vet staff will be happy to show you our beautiful luxury cat hotel anytime. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment as there are only 8 condos and 4 suites available. Use our online cat boarding booking system or phone 9988-0198 to book your furry friend into the Turramurra Cat Hotel today!


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