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Your pets’ front line carers

Our Vet Nurses

Our vet nurses are responsible for the care and welfare of the pets who stay at the veterinary hospital. They assist our vets and are an excellent source of information in maintaining your pet’s health.
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Rebecca - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Nursing Mentor and Remote Support

Beck has been a member of our nursing team since 2012, and in 2020 was appointed our Clinical Nursing Manager.

Beck is our most experienced nurse, and has completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and the Advanced Veterinary Nursing course in 2018 (AIRC), as well as her Recover CPR training. She has worked as a specialist vet nurse in medicine, surgical and emergency roles for over 6 years and brings with her a high level of expertise from her experience.

Beck represents the nuts and bolts of our hospital, ensuring that the team work well together and the procedures and surgeries run smoothly. She reacts swiftly and professionally during emergencies, ensuring that every animal is treated with care and respect.

Her love for animals is clear to anyone she meets and her care and empathy extend to our clients and each and every staff member. Beck can be relied upon to assist with even the most difficult cases and offers a helping hand to everyone around her. Described by her peers as friendly, supportive and kind-hearted, Beck also enjoys mentoring our junior nursing team along their journey. She has a particular interest in surgical nursing, geriatric patient care and teaching.

A highlight of her career was volunteering with Dr Pip Wines in the Northern Territory treating animals in remote indigenous communities in 2018.

Beck is currently studying a Bachelor of Counselling and Behavioural Science degree part-time through the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Animals have always been a big part of Beck’s life growing up and now her ginger cat, Sullivan, is her companion, along with her partner, Matthew. In her spare time, Beck enjoys Cross-Fit training, bushwalking and painting, as well as reading.

In 2022, Beck moved to country NSW with her partner’s work placement and will continue in a nursing mentor and remote support role.

Anna - Turramurra Vet


Senior Vet Nurse and Training & Development Co-ordinator

Anna joined our dedicated veterinary nursing team in 2021, bringing with her advanced nursing skills in emergency and critical care she acquired working as an ICU nurse at a prominent Sydney veterinary specialist facility, as well as nursing in general veterinary practice for over 5 years.

Anna grew up in the Northern Beaches and after completing her HSC through Mosman High, went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Classical History and then, in conjunction with Tel Aviv University, assisted Macquarie University in archaeological fieldwork in Israel, as well as translation of ancient documents.

Anna’s true passion was to work with animals, so in 2013 she had a career change with a large national pet-care company and completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies as well as a nursing internship. Anna now enjoys working with the dedicated team at Turramurra Vet, where she also trains and mentors junior veterinary nurses.

Continuing education is Anna’s forte and she has attended numerous conferences, including the VNCA Advanced Veterinary Nursing Congress, the RECOVER CPR Program and multiple practical workshops on advanced nursing skills. Anna is also an active member of the Veterinary Nursing Council of Australia.

Anna is a self-driven, enthusiastic team member with high standards of care and her veterinary nursing interests include pathophysiology, internal medicine, anaesthesia and post-operative pain management.

Anna has a new-found love for gardening and is also an avid amateur figure skater, training at the Macquarie Ice Rink. Having grown up horse riding as a teenager, she is keen to pursue this interest. Her pets include Sunny the cat, adopted from the RSPCA and tropical fish.

Liam - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Senior Vet Nurse

After completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2015, Liam went on to become a carer at a retirement village and his enthusiasm for caring was born. However it wasn’t long before he realised that his true calling was looking after animals rather than people. In 2019 he made that switch by completing Animal Studies Cert II. Liam is currently studying vet nursing cert IV, to be completed at the end of 2020.

Liam joined Turramurra Veterinary Hospital as a student but with his charm, humour and thirst for knowledge impressed, and he soon became part of our team. Outside of work Liam enjoys bushwalking, vegan restaurants, and basketball. He also works at a cat adoption centre finding loving homes for stray cats.

Louisa - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Senior Vet Nurse

Louisa is now a fully qualified veterinary nurse, having completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2020. She previously spent two years on reception in a busy veterinary specialist hospital. During that time she completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies. Now having swapped sides of the desk, she is loving being more hands on. Louisa keeps very busy with her own pets, which include her rescue dog Indy, quarter horse Rocky, and her cat Busta.

Madi  - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Senior Vet Nurse

Madi joined our nursing team in 2021 with extensive experience in zoos and wildlife parks, including Taronga Zoo, Shoalhaven Zoo and Symbio Wildlife Park.

Her interest in pursuing a career in veterinary nursing began early on, with inspiration drawn from Steve Irwin’s, The Crocodile Hunter, followed by her enrolling in a Certificate II in Animal Studies while still at school, Certificate III in Captive Animals and then progressing to a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2016.

In addition to this, Madi’s love for all things great and small inspired her to complete a WIRES course then volunteering within the organisation to assist injured wildlife. Madi’s love for dogs lead her to be the official pet photographer at the Dog Lovers Show in 2017.

Madi was awarded the prestigious NSW Illawarra Adult Volunteer of the Year in 2020.

After growing up in Shellharbour, Madi moved to Hornsby in February 2021 to pursue her nursing career at Turramurra Veterinary Hospital, as well as continue her work with the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital and Nutrition Centre.

Madi’s kind-hearted and gentle manner combined with her joyful, positive attitude, have made her a much-valued member of our nursing team, with her nursing interests including surgical nursing, dentistry and wildlife care.

Being an avid animal lover, Madi lives with Beardy, the Bearded Dragon, Bluey, the Blue-Tongue Lizard and owns a Spoodle called Lizzie.

Outside of work, Madi enjoys watercolour painting and helping others.

Jocelyn - Turramurra Vet Receptionist


Trainee Vet Nurse

Jocelyn’s love for animals started from watching David Attenborough as a kid (she remains a fan!). During work experience at Featherdale Wildlife Park, Jocelyn fell in love whilst working hands-on with a diverse array of wildlife. From rehoming abandoned animals as a volunteer at the RSPCA for 2 years, Jocelyn became passionate about helping people take care of their pets. Jocelyn has just finished completing her Bachelor of Medical Science (Physiology and Immunology) at the University of Sydney and hopes to pursue postgraduate animal studies. Outside of work, Jocelyn loves to sing at the piano, talk to random animals on her walks, and most importantly, spoil her moodle Aki.

Jess - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Trainee Vet Nurse

Jess joined us as a work placement student in 2019 and it became apparent she had all the makings of s superstar Veterinary Nurse of the future!  Jess started as an Animal Attendant & then completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies in 2020. She has enrolled at TAFE to start her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2021 & is now our trainee Vet Nurse. 

Jess has a lovely friendly bubbly personality and she’s eager to learn all she can. 


Trainee Vet Nurse


Lizzie - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)

Lizzie grew up in Sydney and has always had a passion for animals, wanting to be a vet from a very young age. Lizzie joined us at Turramurra Vet after graduating with a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 2018. Lizzie was is now fulfilling her dream of becoming a Vet & is studying a  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. At home, Lizzie shares her life with her Blue Cattle Dog Rebel and her cat Minnie.

Nancy - Turramurra Vet Nurse


Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)

As a kid, the Beijing zoo was Nancy’s favourite place to be. Her fascination with animals flourished when her family moved to the United States. Visiting the great American National Parks, she observed the diverse array of wildlife, including the grizzly bears of Alaska, a particular favourite. In Australia, Nancy started volunteering for local veterinary clinics in 2017, whilst studying at PLC Pymble.

Now pursuing her dream of becoming a vet, Nancy is studying a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Sydney, graduating in 2025. She strives to provide care and love for every patient, and will always bring joy to both you and your pet. At home, Nancy has two talkative budgies. Although they still won’t let her pet them, they’re great at being the morning alarm with their bright chirps. Nancy is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)



Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)



Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)



Veterinary Student (Uni. Syd)



Agricultural Science Student (Uni. Syd)


Thomas - Turramurra Vet hospital Attendant


Veterinary Hospital Attendant

Thomas joins our team as our first ever Veterinary Hospital Attendant.  Thomas’s calm can do attitude & keen eye for detail helps keep our hospital clean & tidy. His roles are vast & you may see his smiling face restocking the pet food in the waiting room or cleaning the shop front window. He also assists the vet team by ensuring everything is where it should be in the consult rooms.  Tom has grown up around animals living on a large property in the Hills district. He has previously worked as a cleaner & as a surveyor’s assistant & has landed on his feet here at TVH & is an invaluable assistant to our nurses & patients.


Veterinary Hospital Attendant



Turramurra Vet Hospital Outside

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