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Healthiest pets are actively cared for

Preventative Care

Your loved family pet will remain healthy when fed a sensible balanced diet, when protected from disease, and when dental health is prioritised. Your family pet will be offered the best in nutritional advice and health care by Turramurra Vet Hospital’s experienced vet team. Annual health check-ups help ensure that potential health issues are detected and treated early, and that vaccinations and parasite control (such as worms, heartworm and fleas) are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Paralysis Ticks

A particular problem in the Ku Ring Gai region is the deadly paralysis tick. If you are new to the area from the overseas or interstate it is vital that you familiarise yourself with ticks and start tick control immediately. There are no paralysis ticks in Perth, Adelaide or Melbourne, and the ticks in South Africa or the United States are different to Australian ticks, which have a potent nerve toxin in their bite. Do not delay starting tick prevention medicine for even one day as the bite of a single tick can rapidly kill a pet. Thankfully we can offer effective preventatives against these serious parasites.

Please come in to Turramurra and we will be happy to offer professional advice on what preventative is best for your family pet. There is more advice here on paralysis tick control. Please be aware that the highest risk areas for ticks (and snake bites) are bushy areas of Pymble, North Wahroonga, North Turramurra, South Turramurra St Ives and St Ives Chase, or anyone near Garigal, Lane Cove River or Ku Ring Gai Chase National Parks. If your pet is showing any signs of weakness or paralysis, particularly over spring and summer, you should seek veterinary attention urgently. Tick paralysis is an emergency so don’t delay.

Regular Check-Ups

Adult dogs should have check-ups at least annually as they age 7 “dog years” for every human year. We may recommend check every 6 months and an annual blood screening test after a certain age, depending on breed and general health. Many common skin problems can be avoided by good grooming – a thick matted coat is a recipe for trouble !

Pet CheckUp
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