High calibre imaging equipment

X-ray (Radiology)

Our digital X-ray facilities are of the highest calibre. X-ray is utilised to examine bones and joints (including evaluation for dislocations or fractures) or the chest, abdomen, spine or other areas. Several of our vets have additional training in radiology, enabling additional assessment of more complex cases when needed.

When a second opinion is needed, we utilise the services of Dr Graeme Allan and Dr Rob Nicol, specialist veterinary radiologists, who are world class. Dr Allan has been Australia’s foremost leader in veterinary diagnostic imaging for more than 35 years. Dr Allan and Nicol can also perform Penn-Hip X-ray screening at Turramurra Vet Hospital for hip dysplasia, which is regarded as the “gold standard” for hip dysplasia evaluation.

X-rays are usually performed after administering a mild sedative to ensure your pet is relaxed and comfortable whilst X-rays are taken. Turramurra Vet Hospital also has dental digital X-ray which allows us to provide optimal dental evaluation. You may rest assured your pet will receive outstanding care from experienced vets whenever X-rays are required.

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Other Clinical Services

preventative care


Our human-standard hospital ensures the greatest care.


Pathology (Blood Tests)

Our modern analyser enables timely and accurate diagnoses of illness.

dental services

Dental Services

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Non-invasive diagnostics.


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