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Making Your Cat’s Stay Enjoyable!

Cat Boarding Pre-Arrival and Boarding Info

Arrival at the Turramurra Cat Hotel

To help your cat settle in and feel calm and comfortable on arrival at the Turramurra Cat Hotel, we have Feliway pheromone diffusers installed in the hotel room. Each condo and suite also has Feliway pheromone applied prior to a new cat checking in.

On the day of arrival, your cat will receive a complimentary health check performed by one of our experienced veterinarians and any concerns will be discussed with you via telephone or email.

Please ensure that you leave adequate contact details for while you are away and if you are uncontactable, there is someone we can contact on your behalf if required.

Cat Boarding Suites
Cute Kittens

Check In and Check Out Procedure

Turramurra Cat Hotel is located with Turramurra Veterinary Hospital, a modern and family run veterinary clinic. Please allow 15 minutes for the check in process to complete our admission paperwork, ensure your cat’s vaccination is up to date and obtain all relevant contact details.

We have hotel-style ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ times to ensure the cat condos and suites have been cleaned adequately between cat guests.

Booking in a check in time avoids lengthy waiting periods during busy periods. This helps to reduce stress in our feline friends.

Checking in:

Please book a check in time during the following hours:
Monday to Friday – 1pm until 6pm
Saturday – 9am until 1pm
Sunday – 10.30am until 11.30am

Checking out:

Please book a check out time during the following hours:
Monday to Friday – 8.30am until 12 noon
Saturday – 9am until 1pm
Sunday – 10.30am until 11.30am

If you require a time outside of these hours, then please request a time in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Easter, Christmas and Public Holiday Hours

The Turramurra Cat Hotel operates 365 days per year through public holidays (including the Christmas – New Year week and the four days of Easter). The cats are monitored and fed as normal with daily cleaning of the condos.

No check-ins or check-outs will be conducted on public holidays so your cat must be checked in on the day before (or earlier) and can not be checked-out until the day after the public holiday(s).

Be assured, our boarders and hospital patients are monitored and cared for 365 days a year, even when we are closed.

Vaccination Requirements

To limit the risk of disease transmission, all boarding cats must be up to date with their F3 vaccination, which covers Feline Herpesvirus (cat flu), Feline Calicivirus and Feline Enteritis. The vaccination must be current until the last day of boarding.

Your vaccination certificate needs to be presented on arrival or emailed to us at info@turramurravet.com.au prior to your cat’s stay. If your cat was vaccinated at Turramurra Vet then we will have the record on file.

If your cat’s vaccination has lapsed, then one of our veterinarians will be able to examine and vaccinate your cat the day they arrive. Our vaccination and full veterinary health exam fee is $129.

Parasite Control – Fleas, Ticks and Worms


The Turramurra Cat Hotel is proud to provide a flea-free environment for your cat. To maintain this status, your cat and all boarders need up to date with flea treatment. This includes exclusively indoor cats. If there is any evidence of fleas or flea dirt (droppings) on your cat at check in, we will apply a flea treatment which will be added on to the final invoice.


For cats with outdoor access on the Upper North Shore, tick toxicity is a common, life threatening problem. At present, the only effective tick prevention for cats is either Bravecto spot on (applied every 3 months) or Frontline spray (applied every 3 weeks). This reduces the chance of cats checking in to Turramurra Cat Hotel with a live tick already attached. Please advise at check in if your cat needs or is overdue for either Bravecto spot on or Frontline spray – our nurses are happy to apply them. (Both also provide excellent flea control).


All cats need to be up to date with worming. Adult cats need to be wormed every 3 months. Kittens under 6 months of age need to be wormed every month. Our nursing staff can administer a worming tablet after admission if your cat is not up to date.


What if My Pet is on Medication?

Additional fees may apply for medical boarders (cats requiring medication and / or special veterinary supervision). Please contact us in advance of your cats stay so that we may discuss your cats requirements. Please bring enough medication for your cats stay, with an extra day or twos medication if any delay in your return is possible, or if medications are chewed up and spat out. Some medications can only be ordered and dispensed by the bottle, so if your cats medications runs out, we may need to dispense an entire bottle.

If you are not a regular Turramurra Vet client, then a valid up to date vaccination certificate is required (which must be performed annually). For cats requiring medication, a complete medical history should be supplied. We prefer wherever possible to complete a vet health assessment, at no additional charge, at admission, with the owner present and a booked appointment.

Providing they are stable, diabetic cats that are existing Turramurra Vet patients may be boarded by special consideration. Approval is on a case by case basis.


All hotel guests are fed premium Royal Canin dry and wet food (unless you specified otherwise). If you would prefer your cat to continue their usual diet or if they have special dietary requirements, please bring the food with them and we will happily use it in place of our Royal Canin food. Please label all cat food clearly.


Bedding and Toys

All cats are provided with plenty of soft fleece blankets. Due to strict hygiene standards, our bedding is washed regularly so we prefer that you do not bring extra blankets from home. If your cat has his or her own small cat bed then we can fit these in our boarding apartments/suites, however most cats are very happy with the bedding provided at the Turramurra Cat Hotel. Beds left with your cat must be clearly labelled.

For safety purposes, toys are not permitted to be left with your cat while boarding with us, but don’t worry, your cat will receive lots of cuddles, attention and exercise time while staying here with us. There is even a scratching post provided for cats during their exercise time.

In Case of Illness

Turramurra Cat Hotel is located within the Turramurra Veterinary Hospital, a modern and family run veterinary clinic. Members of our nursing team will check all cats on a daily basis to ensure they are eating, drinking and toileting normally, as well as to make sure there are no signs of illness. Should our staff feel that your cat is unwell during their stay with us, they will alert one of our vets who will assess your cat. If any treatment is required, we will contact you on your requested phone number to discuss the situation. In the event that you are unable to be contacted, for welfare reasons, we will proceed with treating your cat as necessary, which will need to be invoiced for.

Attached to our boarding admission paperwork is a Holiday Details Form where we ask you to list your contact numbers and any specific wishes if cat becomes unwell while staying with us.

Deposit and Refund Policy

If you are booking your cat in for a holiday over the Christmas or Easter break, we require a prepaid 50% deposit to hold the reservation. We will happily refund this deposit if the booking is cancelled up to 14 days before the first night of your cat’s stay.

Turramurra Cat Hotel Boarding Rates

Cosy Cat Condos

These individual cat apartments are architecturally designed in conjunction with cat behaviourists to make your cat’s stay extremely enjoyable, stress-free and comfortable. They all feature multiple sleeping areas with soft fluffy bedding and hidey holes for your cat to be as interactive or as private as possible.

All apartments feature unidirectional air flow to keep your cat’s apartment air clean and reduce the chance of your cat being disturbed by the smell of its feline neighbours.

Cosy Cat Condos are priced at $35 per night and take a maximum of 1 cat.

Luxury Double Suites

Our luxury themed suites are premium multi-level suites which provide your cat with extra floor space and height to fulfil their natural ‘exploring’ tendencies. They feature multiple sleeping/resting areas, including a sun-drenched top level, which allows your cat access to a large window overlooking Bannockburn Road.

Our double-sized luxury Suites are priced at $45 per night for 1 cat, or $70 per night for 2 cats from the same family. Choose from the Paris Suite, the African Safari Suite or the Hawaiian Suite (these are all suitable for 1 or 2 cats).

Buckingham Palace Triple Suite

Our largest and most luxurious suite is the Buckingham Palace Suite and provides suitable quarters for our most discerning felines. It has space for 3 cats from the same family if required and has multiple areas for all occupants to lounge comfortably. It features windows on two sides, providing an enticing view over our fish pond and a street view of Bannockburn Road so your cat can keep up to date with the local social scene.

The Buckingham Palace Suite is priced at $55 per night for 1 cat, $80 per night for 2 cats, or $100 per night for 3 cats.

Enquiries on the Turramurra Cat Hotel

If you have any further questions about your cat’s stay at the Turramurra Cat Hotel, please call one of our friendly veterinary staff on (02) 9988-0198. We look forward to seeing you and your feline friend soon.

If you wish to view the Cat Hotel, Turramurra Vet staff will be happy to show you our beautiful luxury cat hotel anytime.

Remember, bookings are essential to avoid disappointment as there are only 8 condos and 4 suites available.

Phone (02)9988-0198 to book your furry friend into the Turramurra Cat Hotel today!


Turramurra Vet Hospital Outside

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