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Don’t lose your family pet

Microchipping and Lost Pets

What could be more upsetting than losing your family pet ? Microchipping greatly improves the chance of reuniting your family pet with you if they are lost. It just takes a second to implant the tiny chip, about the size of a grain of rice, under the skin of your cat or dog. Your pets individual microchip number is then linked to a computer register. If your pet is found and handed in they will be scanned at the vet, council pound or animal shelter and your contact details identified. Microchipping is compulsory for breeders, pet stores and anyone selling or giving away a dog or cat. If your pet is found and dropped in at Turramurra Vet they will be scanned and you will be contacted immediately. Meanwhile they will be safely housed with soft fluffy bedding, given treats and hugs from our lovely vet nurses and cared for like family until you arrive. If you are able to collect your pet within an hour there is no charge, if they are here longer, then there is a small fee to cover providing space, cleaning the animal run and bedding, treats and nurse care.

Reuniting you and your pet relies on the microchip registry information being up to date, so if you are a new resident, or your contact details change, it is vital to complete a change of address form and send it to Ku Ring Gai Council so that your address details can be updated. If you have forgotten or misplaced your microchip number, Turramurra Vet Hospital nurses are happy to scan your family pet microchip at no charge.

Unfortunately we cannot accept stray unmicrochipped cats, please contact Ku Ring Gai Council for their policy on this topic.

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