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Five Ways To Help Your Cat Love Their Litter Box

Cat and Litter Box

Five Ways to Help Your Cat Love Their Litter Box

by Dr Gretta Howard, Senior Associate Veterinarian

Cats are very fussy creatures and when it comes to their toilet, they are very particular indeed. In fact, if the litter box is not maintained to a high feline standard, your cat may seek out an alternative, more desirable toilet spot within your home, which is not ideal at all.

1) Litter box design – Cats love a large, deep litter tray with plenty of litter so that they can dig and bury their business like they would outdoors

2) Litter box substrate – Most cats prefer the recycled newspaper substrate (e.g. Breeder’s Choice brand) or sand rather than the crystal or clumping litter

3) Litter box position – Cats are very clean fastidious animals and do not like to toilet near their eating area, so position the litter box away from their food and water and ensure it is in a quiet area, where your cat feels comfortable doing their business

4) Litter box number – If you have more than one cat, then one tray per cat plus one extra is the general recommendation

5) Litter box cleanliness – Just like we prefer use a clean toilet, cats are the same, so to encourage your cat to use the litter tray, scoop out the faeces every day and fully replace the litter every 3 days or so to keep your cat’s toilet hygienic  

If you observe a change in your cat’s toileting behaviour, this can be a sign of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), so please seek urgent veterinary attention. 

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