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Indoor Enrichment: 6 Simple Steps to a Happy Cat!

by Freya Britt-Lewis, Pet Health Care Writer


With the right environmental enrichment cats can live happy, fulfilling lives completely indoors. With indoor cats becoming more popular, the rise in complex enrichment activities to stimulate them has also grown, as well as education on how to keep your feline family friend happy.

In this article we’ll point out just a few key points to keeping your cat content in the home!


Litter Boxes

Cat in Tray

Litter trays are a key aspect of keeping your cat happy. Cats are extremely fussy, especially when it comes to their toilet! Read over this helpful article written by Dr Gretta Howard on ways to make your cat love their litter box!


Resting spots

Provide height. Cats are climbers and will appreciate having access to high places. Investing in a cat tower or two, allowing access to windowsills, nooks, or crannies where they can perch and watch the world go by will make for a very happy cat!

Cats love sunlight, and you will often notice them seeking out warmth when resting or lazing around. Allow access to natural warmth throughout the day by setting up a cat bed or tower by the window.



Toys! Like dogs, some cats will not be fussed with playing with a toy, no matter how hard you try. But if your cat loves toys, prove a variety of them throughout the day. Spending time daily playing with your cat will provide physical exercise and mental stimulation, as well as strengthening your bond together.



Cat with Toy Mouse

If treats are the key to your cat’s heart, puzzle feeders and licky mats are another option. These nifty contraptions will make your cat think to get their food – much like their wild counterparts must do! Additionally, by slowing down the process of feeding it will create more of a pleasure response to finally getting that tasty morsel. These come in a wide variety of types, to give your cat as much variation as possible when feeding or receiving treats.



Cat Scratching Pole

Scratching towers or boards should be provided for your cat to allow them to tend to their nails. Cats who use these will be less likely to scratch something they shouldn’t, such as the family lounge or curtains. A scratching post will keep your cats claws healthy and allow them to stretch and exercise more frequently.




Grooming is not only excellent enrichment, but also necessary for certain medium to long haired breeds! While cats will clean themselves using their rough tongues, grooming is an excellent bonding activity and shouldn’t be overlooked even in your short-haired companions. Spend a few minutes daily grooming your cat with an appropriate brush, and your cat will not only look healthier, but feel better too!


There are many more ways to provide your cat with enough enrichment than just the simple tips on this list. As each cat is different, the methods will vary on how to keep them happy and content while indoors! The main element to a happy housecat is giving them the mental and physical stimulation to keep their body and minds stimulated.

Further resources on how to maintain a happy and healthy indoor cat can be found here:

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