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Cat Friendly Indoor Plants

Cat Indoor Plants

Cat Friendly Indoor Plants

by Freya Britt-Lewis, Customer Care & Pet Health Writer

As the weather warms into spring, gardening and home decorating may become more of a welcoming prospect. With less mud and rain, and more fertile soils and sunlight, gardening will become an accessible and enjoyable hobby for many pet owners. Nurseries and florists will be full of beautiful shrubs and flowers with helpful staff waiting to assist you. As cat owners, you may be left wondering about whether the plants are safe around cats.


Is this plant safe for my cat?

It’s important to be aware of what plants you have in your home and garden to help protect your beloved cat from potential plant toxins. Sometimes cats get up to mischief and may even chew on plants in your home, or they may pick up pollen inadvertently then groom themselves, leading to ingestion of plant parts.

Lilies (Lilium and Hemerocallis spp.) are particularly toxic to cats and should never be kept in the same room as a cat due to the risk of acute kidney failure if ingested. The entire lily plant is toxic to cats including the stem, leaves, flowers, pollen and even the water from the vase that the flowers were kept in.

For this reason, it is paramount that all elements of your interior design are carefully selected to be cat-friendly.


What are some suitable options for cat-friendly plants?

In Australia we are blessed with a bountiful variety of plants to decorate your home from many lovely nurseries. The trick for cat owners is weeding out the nasties in order to create a cat-safe environment for your feline to frolic.

Below are are examples of cat-friendly plants to spruce up your interior décor.


Boston Fern

Cat Boston Fern

One of the most popular indoor plants, this is a versatile fern suitable for cats that can create an aesthetically pleasing indoor environment! For this fern to flourish it needs a cool location, and high humidity.


Echeveria Succulents

Cat Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria succulents are a unique and hardy succulent genus that comes in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to care for, just ensure they get up to 6 hours of sunlight a day and leave them to grow in a breathable pot.


Polka Dot Plant

Cat Polka Dot Plant

Are you looking for a pop of colour to brighten your interior? Perhaps a Polka Dot plant would suit you. Just place them in direct sunlight to maintain those striking colours, and spray a mist of water on them daily to keep them moist.


Persian Violets

Cat Persian Violet

Persian violets are a beautiful flower suitable for a home with cats. While it will go dormant after blooming, for that time when the flowers are active, you will experience a stunning display fit for any Instagram post (include your gorgeous cat for extra likes!).


All of the above plants are also suitable for a home with dogs.

There are a wide variety of beautiful plants and flowers that can coexist with your feline family members, however it is always important to clarify with your florist which plants you are purchasing before bringing them into the home to make sure we are keeping our furry friends safe. Click here for an extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants for pets.

And remember, like people, all cats are individuals. If you notice your cat is sick or unwell after contact or ingestion, book in an urgent veterinary consultation.



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