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Newsletter October 2018

Dogs in Spring

Welcome to Spring!

Spring this year has brought with it a lot of rain, which is great for the rural community and our gardens, but not so good for keeping tick numbers down. Paralysis Ticks love the wet humid weather. We have treated over 10 Paralysis Tick cases this spring so far (and our vet friends on the Northern Beaches have seen much more).

Luckily, tick paralysis is preventable with daily tick searches, awareness of the signs and diligent application of an effective paralysis tick preventative. For more information, read the facts here. And discover below the new tick protection for cats!

Spring has also brought on a change in hours. During the Daylight Savings period, our hours are:

Monday to Friday 7:30am to 8pm (with consults from 8am)
Saturday 8am to 2pm
Sunday 10am to 12pm

Pet of the Month – Boston

Boston Pet of Month Oct18

Boston is a gorgeous 14 year old Labrador who loves everybody (and shows us her love by rubbing up against us for a pat and leaving her whitish yellow fur everywhere). Boston also loves her walks and often prances around with the lead in her mouth excited to go on her outing.

Boston came in to us last month after her owner noticed she was not herself. After a simple test within our hospital, she was diagnosed with Diabetes.

Typical symptoms of Diabetes in dogs (and cats) are:

  • Increased drinking.
  • Increased urination.
  • Incontinence.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (often as a result of the increased urination and incontinence).
  • Weight loss despite having a good appetite (although Boston was not affected with this one).

Patients with Diabetes require daily insulin injections and regular pathology monitoring. Patients usually tolerate the injections extremely well as the injections are under the skin (more comfortable than into muscle as with human insulin injections) and with a very tiny needle (smaller than the needle used for vaccinations).

If you notice the symptoms above (or anything else unusual for your pet), please give the friendly staff at Turramurra Vet a call today on 9988 0198.

NEW Registered Paralysis Tick Protection for Cats!

Now your cat can have the same level of Paralysis Tick Protection as your dog!

Dog and Cat under Blanket    Bravecto for Cats

Up until now, the only paralysis tick preventative registered for cats was Frontline Spray which while effective, is not tolerated by many cats who hate getting wet and it has to be applied every 3 weeks.

Now, we have Bravecto for cats. It has the same active ingredient as Bravecto for dogs which is very effective for paralysis tick prevention and control in dogs. And, the best news..rather than a tablet, it is just a tiny amount of the product applied on the back of the neck and lasts 3 months!

Come in today to get your cat protected!

Meet Claude and Ralph of the NEW Princes Street Greengrocer

Princes St Greengrocer

Claude and Ralph are the owners of the new Princes Street Greengrocer stocking lovely fresh fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and some smallgoods at good value. They are looking forward to meeting you.

Easier Pet Insurance Claims!

Pet Insurance Claims

Great news! We can now save you time and hassle every time you need to make an insurance claim for your pet.

For all pet insurance claims (apart from Petplan), we can now claim your visit directly through our practice software which links into the Petsure Online Vethub. This means less work for you, no paperwork to fill out and faster resolution and payment of claims.

All we need to have recorded is your pet insurance company and your policy number, and then voila!


Turramurra Vet Hospital Outside

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