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Newsletter June 2018

National Small Business Champions in Pet Services

We are National Small Business Champions in Pet Services!

Turramurra Vet Hospital has been named Champion Pet Services at the Australian Small Business Champion Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held on Saturday 21st April at the Star-Sydney with over 1,100 guests in attendance.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is the only national recognition program for Australian Small Businesses.

5 members of the Turramurra Vet Hospital staff were respresentatives at the awards ceremony and received an award statuette and certificate.

Turramurra Vet Hospital has now gained national recognition as an industry leader. We thank all our clients for helping us to achieve this recognition.

Exciting News from Dr Angus Donald!

Angus Donald and Liisa and Liam

Dr Angus Donald and his wife Liisa (also a veterinarian), welcomed their first child into the world on Saturday 19th May. Liam James Donald was born weighing 3.25kg and 52cm long.

We wish Angus, Liisa and Liam a wonderful start to getting to know each other.

Pet of the Month – Deng Deng

Deng Deng Pet of Month June18 Cat Hotel Boarding SuiteMeet, Deng Deng, a 4 month old British Shorthair who just loves life. Deng Deng recently stayed for 2 weeks in our Safari cat boarding suite. He came along with his couch shaped scratching post and with our provided toys, food and lots of love and cuddles, he felt right at home. British Shorthairs are known as affectionate, people loving cats without being overly demanding or vocal.

We have 3 boarding suites as pictured here, 1 extra large boarding suite similar to the one shown, but with more floor space and 8 cat condos that provide adequate space for 1 cat (and include a privacy cubby).

Our feline holiday accommodation gets booked up quickly, so if you have an upcoming holiday, please contact us today on 9988 0198 to book your cat in. Pre-booking viewings of the accommodation are available (please contact us to arrange a time).

Long Weekend Opening Hours

Happy Long Weekend

This upcoming June long weekend, we will be closed on Monday June 11th for consultations, bookings and procedures. Boarding cats will be attended to on this day, however boarding dropoffs and pickups will need to be organised for other days.

We will be open as normal on Saturday 9th from 8am to 2pm and on Sunday 10th from 10am to 12pm.

Our normal hours are:
Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 2pm
Sundays 10am to 12pm

If your pet requires urgent care during our off hours, please take them to NEVS (Northside Emergency Veterinary Service) at 335 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills. Their contact number is 9452 2933.

Did you know? Arthritis affects…

Pet Arthritis

Arthritis is a sneaky condition! It tends to creep up over time and our pets won’t always show any obvious signs until they are in considerable pain. The onset of the colder months of winter can often ‘unmask’ painful problems that weren’t so obvious over summer.

The disease is caused by wearing down of the cartilage that covers the bones at the end of a joint, causing the ends of the bones to become exposed and rub together.

It is very important to understand that your pet won’t necessarily limp or yelp or whimper if he is in pain. Our pets don’t want to be seen as the ‘weak link’!!

Look out for these signs of arthritic pain which can be subtle – these can apply to both dogs and cats

  • Hesitation when jumping up or down onto stairs or furniture
  • Slowing down on walks or a reluctance to walk as far
  • Slow to get going after getting up from a nap or rest
  • Behavioural changes – grumpy when touched, reluctant to be picked up
  • Slipping on floorboards
  • A matted or unkempt coat (especially in cats!)
  • Long nails

Thankfully, there are now a number of things we can do to slow the progression of arthritis and help to keep your pet as pain free as possible.

Phone our friendly receptionists on 9988 0198 to arrange an arthritis checkup and we’ll be able to work out an effective treatment plan for your pet!

Concerned about local issues?

Alister Henskens, State MP for Ku Ring Gai, is to visit Princes St. Alister’s Mobile Electorate Office will be at Princes Street shops on Friday 15th June from 12.30pm-1.00pm to discuss issues of concern with the public.


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