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Newsletter January 2019

Ollie Turramurra Vet Pet of the Month

Happy New Year!

Satisfied Fred Hills Food

Happy New Year to all our wonderful patients and welcome to 2019! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that no one managed to get up to too much mischief! The Turramurra Vet Hospital team is looking forward to caring for all your pets in 2019.

African Wildlife Rescue talk coming soon to Turramurra Vet

DART Elephant Rescue

Following service in the Rhodesian Army, Paul de Montille has been working as a safari guide in Hwange National Park Zimbabwe, famed for its elephants, for over 30 years. He has been a good friend of Dr Thompson for over 20 years. Paul and his wife Stephanie Larrieu will be presenting a talk highlighting the wildlife of Hwange and their exciting life in one of Africa’s premier wildlife reserves. Their work has included immobilisation and satellite collaring of lions, rhino translocation and wildlife rescue.

For a taste of the work they do, see this video link on the D.A.R.T. youtube channel!

This exciting talk will be an evening event, sometime between January 19 – February 10, 2019.

Register your interest either by emailing info@turramurravet.com.au, or by calling 9988 0198 to speak to one of our receptionists. We will then contact you to advise of the specific date once confirmed with Paul de Montille!

Pet of the month – Ollie!

Meet Ollie, this handsome Bearded Collie! Ollie recently underwent surgery to remove a large tumour called a soft tissue sarcoma, from his groin. Due to the large size of the tumour, specialist surgeon Dr. Eugene Buffa was called in to assist with the surgery.

Ollie required a few weeks of daily bandage changes to help his surgery site to heal completely, and then progressed to daily nappy changes (yes, we used human adult nappies to help protect his surgery site!). Ollie’s extremely committed owners, David and Corinne, deserve a special mention for their dedicated care of him and for regularly bringing him back to our team for his daily assessments and bandage changes. We all wish Ollie a wonderful 2019 and beyond!


Beach Holiday

Turramurra Vet is aware of the responsibilities (and sometimes difficulties) when pet owners take holidays, leaving animals in the care of friends, neighbours or relatives. Every pet is special and unique, which is why Turramurra Vet reminds our clients at least twice annually (at Easter and Christmas) of the importance of providing us with a completed Holidays Details Form if they are travelling. The form is downloadable from our website (from the Resources section).

We understand how special all pets are and that to a non-owner pet carer and for travelling owners a pet illness while they are away is probably unique and possibly a “once in a lifetime” situation. However Turramurra Vet is often faced with animals cared for by a pet owners friend, family member or one of the local schoolchildren who don’t know what to do when illness or injury strikes. This scenario can be stressful or upsetting for us, and occurs several times a week in peak holiday periods. A completed Holidays Details Form allows us to make quick contact with you, and to be aware of your wishes for treatment if for some reason we are unable to make contact.


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