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Medication Reorder Policy

S4 Medications

For legal reasons we can only dispense S4 medications if the animal is under our care, and has been prescribed the medication for management of a chronic condition. This is under veterinary discretion, and includes factors such as when your pet was last examined (which must have been within the previous 12 months), antibiotic stewardship, monitoring requirements and drug safety.

Supply of Medication

Supply of medication is conditional upon the patient remaining under veterinary care with regular rechecks. At a minimum this includes a complete annual physical examination. This is to ensure the well-being of your pet and prevent, as far as possible, adverse events related to medication.

Many conditions including diabetes, heart disease and anti-inflammatory therapy require thorough monitoring by veterinarians and veterinary rechecks at least every 3 months. For some conditions every 6 months may be acceptable, once we are confident that the condition is stable. Blood tests may be required to monitor organ function, particularly the liver and kidneys.

Veterinary Advice

Who should I ask for veterinary advice regarding pharmaceuticals ?

Your veterinarian. Pharmacists receive no training whatsoever in veterinary pharmacology, physiology or medicine. They are solely trained in human pharmacology. There are many differences between humans and many animal species. For example, paracetamol, though widely used in humans, is lethal to cats. There are many other vitally important species differences. It is best to direct any questions regarding your pet’s health to your experienced veterinarian. Please don’t change doses or medications without veterinary advice.

Our Promise – The Best Care for Your Pets

At Turramurra Vetinerary Hospital our aim is simple and has remained unchanged since we were established – to provide the best care for your pets by practicing excellent veterinary medicine.


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