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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Infection Control at Turramurra Vet

Keeping Clients & Staff Safe

Turramurra Veterinary Hospital has taken strict steps to ensure the safety of clients and staff. The health and well-being of the animals we treat is paramount and we appreciate that clients have been understanding of our changed work practices. Please don’t think us unfriendly as we keep our distance.

Vet have been categorised as an essential service so we should be able to continue serving you during this pandemic.

Veterinary reception area

In order to practise social distancing, our practice has implemented a 3 person rule for clients in reception. We politely request that clients wait outside until the reception area can maintain the 1.5m social distancing safety recommendation. There is also tape on the floor to protect our reception staff – we ask that you please remain inside those boundaries.

Veterinary consultations

Veterinary consultations will be staggered and 30 minutes each to avoid excessive waiting periods. To keep everyone safe, we will be avoiding the use of consultation rooms where possible.

Your vet will discuss your pet’s medical history in the waiting room or outside. To help us you can submit a history online or on your mobile from

The vet will then take your pet using a disinfected Turramurra Vet Hospital leash as you disconnect your own.

Before and after handling cat cages, we will disinfect/hand sanitise or use gloves.

Then we will examine and treat your pet in the treatment area of the hospital, discussing our findings and recommendations with you along the way. Once completed, we will return your pet.

Your vet will use hospital-grade hand sanitiser prior to dispensing any medications or signing vaccination certificates to you.

Consultations via telemedicine using Zoom meeting links are available for clients with pets that prefer not to leave their home or are in self-isolation.

The Turramurra Veterinary Hospital team will do whatever it takes to keep you and your pets safe during this crisis.

Online appointments are available which are the easiest way to book.


We encourage the use of hand sanitiser before and after payment if the EFTPOS terminal is handled for PIN entry.

We have decided to accept card only for payments to avoid handling of cash and contamination. Payment may be made prior to collection of pets undergoing a procedure over the phone via credit card.

Infection control within the practice

As part of our university training, vets are trained in infectious disease control and we are skilled in managing some of the most infectious diseases in our furry friends, such as Parvovirus. Using this knowledge of virology and barrier nursing we have implemented procedures including but not limited to:

  • Hand sanitising and hand washing between all staff and client interactions
  • Disinfecting the clinic multiple times per day using hospital-grade disinfectant and wipes
  • Practising social distancing of 1.5m within the workplace
  • Wearing gloves if two people are handling an animal
  • Wearing masks for consultations
  • Keeping doors open between rooms frequently visited within the practice so that staff limit their use of door handles
  • Each stethoscope is being used by only one staff member
  • Spraying items touched by more than one person with disinfectant after use eg phones, fridge door handle
  • Not sharing utensils or mugs within the clinic

Turramurra Veterinary Hospital was already renowned for our cleanliness, being the only ASAV accredited Hospital of Excellence on the North Shore. Our staff always keep our hospital spotless, with multiple daily cleans; this is augmented by commercial cleaners, now stepped up to twice weekly, plus regular commercial floor buffing.


Our new roster divides our staff into two teams with no cross over. This means that if there is a COVID-19 positive staff member or close contact of a staff member, that the hospital can continue to help animals in need. This may mean the veterinarian of choice is not available on the day of your choice. We appreciate your patience.

We have changed our hours to accommodate these rosters: Weekdays 8am-7pm, Saturday 8am-3pm and newly extended hours on Sunday from 9am-4pm (10am to 4pm March 29).

Repeat medication requests and parasite control for your pet

For pets on chronic medication, it would be sensible to have a 3 month supply at home. Please request medication (and food or treats) online on our Medication/Food Reorder Form for FREE courier delivery via Sendle for orders over $49 (otherwise a delivery fee of $7.95 applies). 

This helps reduce traffic through the clinic and reduce human to human contact. Please note that vets must comply with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for S4 prescription medicines. It is at the vet’s discretion as to whether repeat medication may be dispensed – sometimes rechecks are required to maintain safe prescribing practices. 

If tick control, worming or treats are required (and not prescription medication or food) please utilise our online vet shop.

Food orders

We are taking food orders as per usual through our regular suppliers. We are limiting orders to 2 x bags per pet per client at this stage to ensure everyone has enough for a lockdown period if required.

Requests for medication and food may be made online at

We have also launched our online Vet Shop which has a limited range of our preferred tick control products, wormers and treats (not for prescription medications or food): These products may be purchased as “click and collect” or couriered to you.

Emergency cat boarding

The Turramurra Cat Hotel is remaining open for luxury boarding during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a friend or family member admitted into hospital and they need their cat urgently looked after, please let us know – we can help. There are spaces available to ensure that pets are not abandoned during this crisis.

Can my pet catch Covid-19 coronavirus?

There is still a lot of unknowns with Covid-19 coronavirus, however at this stage, there is no evidence that pets play a role in human transmission. Where dogs have tested positive overseas (2 cases so far), they have been weakly positive and have been in direct and constant contact with a COVID-19 positive human showing symptoms. These dogs themselves have failed to show any symptoms so are thought by virologists to be a ‘dead end host’ which means the virus is unable to transfer from the pet to another being. Our veterinary scientists are being updated frequently as research emerges about this disease.


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