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Your family pet will receive outstanding veterinary care at Turramurra Vet Hospital so they can lead a long, happy and healthy life. We provide a full range of health services for preventative health and the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of your cat, dog, bird or other family pet. If you are new to the area, we are happy to offer advice on serious local health risks like paralysis ticks and to set reminders for vaccinations or annual health checks so a letter is sent when they are due. Please don't hesitate to call us on 9988 0198 with any questions.


Annual Check-ups

Annual health check-ups help ensure that potential health issues are detected and treated early, and that vaccinations and parasite control (such as ticks, worms, heartworm and fleas) are up to date. Adult dogs should have at least annual check-ups as they age 7 "dog years" for every human year.

Preventative Care

The healthiest pets are pets that are actively cared for. Your loved family pet will be offered the best practice in nutrition, grooming and health care.


Your family dog, cat, rabbit or ferret should be vaccinated against potentially fatal, but thankfully preventable, diseases. Puppies are vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and bordetella (the latter two known as kennel cough) at two, three and four months. Whilst we may recommend annual or three-yearly vaccinations for dogs it is important to continue your pet's protection against these serious preventable diseases. An annual heartworm injection prevents this killer disease. Remember, dogs are required to have vaccinations before admission to boarding kennels.

For cats we advise vaccination against rhinotracheitis, calicivirus (cat flu) and feline infectious enteritis. Vaccinations are required at two, three and four months of age with annual boosters thereafter.

Prior to vaccination, your pet's health is assessed, a full physical examination is performed, any questions are answered and advice is given on flea, tick, heartworm and worm control.


Microchipping greatly reduces the chance of losing your family pet. It only takes a minute to inject the tiny chip, about the size of a grain of rice (pictured) under the skin of your cat or dog. Your pets individual microchip number is linked to a computer register. If your pet is found they can be scanned quickly at the vet, council pound or animal shelter and your contact details identified. Microchipping is compulsory for breeders, pet stores and anyone selling or giving away a dog or cat.


Turramurra Vet Hospital encourages desexing of dogs and cats for behavioural and health reasons, unless specifically wanted for breeding. Desexing operations are performed on weekdays, and require a day in hospital (with no overnight stay). Pain relief medication and intravenous fluids are essential for the comfort and safety of your pet and Turramurra Vet include this at no extra charge for all desexing operations (some practices charge extra for this, regarding it as optional!).

A trained vet nurse assists the surgeon throughout surgery monitoring anesthesia, oxygenation, blood pressure and recovery of your pet with sophisticated monitoring equipment.


Your pet will look and feel better with a quality trim by Turramurra Vets experienced staff.





Cat after Vet Checkup

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