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Your pet deserves the most professional care available - and will get it at Turramurra Vet Hospital. We provide comprehensive medical, hospital, diagnostic and surgical services that have been recognised with multiple awards including the prestigious Australian Veterinary Association Practice of Excellence Award. The hospital offers diagnostic services including ultrasound, blood testing (pathology), X-ray (radiology), dentistry and surgery all on-site.



Your pet will be treated gently and with the greatest care and safety. Our human-standard hospital includes state of the art equipment and surgical practices. A HEPA filter (high efficiency particle arrestor) provides pure filtered air to the operating theatre and all instruments are autoclaved ensuring maximum surgical sterility. We utilise the most modern and safest anaesthetics. A heated surgery blanket cocoons our patients, helping maintain body temperature and improving recovery time. All veterinary surgeons are fully scrubbed up, gowned and gloved to human hospital standards. All anaesthetised animals are monitored with sophisticated anaesthetic monitoring machines and a trained vet nurse assists the surgeon throughout the procedure. Overnight hospitalisation facilities are available when needed.

Pathology (Blood Tests)

Our biochemistry analyser enables Turramurra Vet Hospital to make timely and accurate diagnoses of illness. It screens organs for underlying disease which may not be evident on physical examination. Early detection of a problem can allow early treatment or safer anaesthesia. Immediate on-site pathology results allow pre-anaesthetic blood tests to be performed on the day of surgery.


Our digital X-ray facilities are of the highest calibre. X-ray is utilised to examine bones and joints (including evaluation for dislocations or fractures) or the chest, abdomen, spine or other areas. X-rays are often performed after administering a mild sedative to ensure your pet remains still whilst X-rays are taken.

Dental Services

Bad breath is not normal! A regular check-up helps ensure that your family pet is not suffering from dental disease. Signs of dental disease includes bad breath, tartar, difficulty in chewing food or inflamed gums. A dental check may identify the need for cleaning, polishing, tartar removal, tooth extraction or a dietary change. Your pet will live a longer and happier life with healthy teeth and gums.

We are pleased to be able to offer free nurse dental checks on weekdays, by appointment.


Ultrasound services are provided at Turramurra by internationally renowned veterinary imaging specialists, Associate Professor Graeme Allen and Dr Robert Nicoll, who also lecture at the University of Sydney.



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